So last week I was fortunate enough to shoot a gig for an exciting, upcoming band named Sol Flare. Today I get to share with you a little promo I put together for them. Really happy with how it turned out and hope to work with these guys more in the future.

A New Chapter

Okay, so I know my posts on Tumblr are somewhat of a rarity but that is about to change. Why? Because right now, filmmaking/videography has become my full-time job. Therefore, I will now have more time for blog posts :)

So, almost a month ago, I left my cosy 9-5 job in the city to make a go at a career in freelance video work and so far, I’ve had no (paid) work come in. Am I worried? No, I always knew this is something that wasn’t going to happen overnight and I would need to work hard. However, it has given me the time to work on things and create a brand for myself (hence the logo). Now I have cool, professional looking business cards and flyers to hand out.

I’m looking forward to see what the future holds with this little (or big) venture and equally looking forward to sharing it online.

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Obligatory post interview photo with former Hammer Horror director Peter Sasdy.

Obligatory post interview photo with former Hammer Horror director Peter Sasdy.

What I learned today…

So today, I had the pleasure of shooting an interview with an actor/writer/director/magician of whom not only am I a huge fan of but someone I also admire. That man was Andy Nyman.

I woke up this morning with that mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. I mean, this was the guy who played Gordon in Severance and gave us the terrifying play, Ghost Stories. 

As we arrived at The Arts Theatre in London’s West End, we were escorted down into the theatre stalls and left to set up. Now what made today different is that my Canon 600D came out to play. Now I’ve only had it since August and I’m still learning what it can and can’t do. However, the backup camera that I normally use has a tendency to zoom in on things of it’s own accord. So on this particular shoot, I decided that my 600D would be best sitting on the tripod and I will go handheld with my Canon HF S10 which I could then also monitor the audio on. In hindsight, I should have gone the other way round. About ten minutes into the interview, the memory card in the 600D became full and as that was the main camera, I had no choice but to stop the interview before the next question to swap over the memory cards. Now I hate to stop an interview that’s in full swing because I always worry that it might mess with the flow. Fortunately, it was fine. However, ten minutes in, I noticed that the 600D had automatically stopped recording. I reached over to start it again but that meant that meant a bit of wobbly handheld footage but there was nothing I could do. The sheer worry of it happening again had me even more nervous than I already was. Fortunately it didn’t but it was too late, I was a wreck.

The interview came to an end and after we chatted to Andy about numerous things and somehow culminated with him showing us photos of him and Nathan Fillion on his phone (something I still find surreal as I write this).

The whole journey home, all I could think about was what happened and how I would edit around it. Fortunately, the audio was being recorded through my second camera and because I have that audio, I can edit in some b roll to cover it up.

So today I learned that dslr’s only shoot at a high frame rate for 4gb (around 10 mins) at a time, which is not ideal for long interviews. But more importantly, you will always more than likely encounter a problem on a shoot that needs to remedied straight away. It’s these things that you learn and gain knowledge from that help you in the future. I’ve only been doing this since April but I’ve learnt more on shoots in those few months than I ever did at college.


On the plus side, Andy Nyman was an absolutely fantastic guy and a joy to interview.

His show, Ghost Stories, returns to the West End from 14th February 2014. Book your tickets now!